Special Significance: 40 Days

What makes 40 days so special? There is a widespread custom to pray at the Western Wall for 40 consecutive days – each day praying for the same specific thing which one wishes. We actually learn this from Moshe (Moses) himself! He prayed to G-d on Mount Sinai for 40 days after the sin of the golden calf, and… was able to obtain G-d’s forgiveness!

Also, in the book of Yona (Jona), 40 days is the amount of time the city of Nineveh was given to repent, before their city would be overturned. This is because it takes 40 days to make a REAL CHANGE. That’s why G-d gave them 40 days, so that they had a chance to make a real change in their character.

And… they did indeed! Their city was not overturned. So, whether the 40-day-change we want is a “change in G-d’s mind”, so to speak, (like Moses did) or a change in our character– by building our connection with G-d through prayer and thereby becoming DESERVING of His blessings, The way to get something changed is the 40-day-way!

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