Pray the Entire Year

Having someone pray for you each and every day, for the duration of the entire year- is a pretty special thing. It means someone will be saying psalms for you while you are in all kinds of different circumstances that take place throughout the year- be they happy, nervous, annoying, or joyous.

King David himself- the author of the Book of Psalms, did just that- he authored these songs of prayer to G-d while in the most frightening and nerve-wracking times, as well as during the most happy and joyous of times. While on the run- escaping from King Shaul (Saul), [his father-in-law!] King David wrote these Psalms.

When King David was released from imprisonment in the palace of King Avimelech (Abimelech), he wrote Psalm #34 in thanks and praise to G-d. He wrote Psalm #3 after his escape from Avshalom, (his very own son!), And Psalm #20 as thanks to G-d after receiving miraculous success in his war.

Like King David, you can pray to G-d and build your connection with Him, each and every day – during the happy times as well as the challenging ones. Don’t forget to pray from home too, while we pray for you at the Western Wall.

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Other Available Prayer Options:

The Entire Book of Psalms

A native orthodox Jewwill complete all of Psalms on your behalf, at the Western Wall.

A Note in the Wall

A native orthodox Jew will place your prayer note between the Wall’s stones.

One-Day Prayer Gift

Great Birthday or Anniversary Gift
On your special day, a native orthodox Jew will pray for you at the Western Wall

Special Significance: 40 Days

A Tried-and-True Prayer Period
Use the ancient method of Moses at Sinai: A native orthodox Jew will pray for you at the Western Wall,  for 40 consecutive days

Become a Member

Monthly Subscription
A native orthodox Jew will pray for you at the Western Wall, every single day


A native orthodox Jew will recite psalms in memory of your loved one at the Western Wall, on their yartzeit/during the month/year of bereavement