Frequently Asked Questions
When you register for a delegate to pray for you at the Western Wall, that  does not mean you should stop praying to G-d  from your own living room. However, there is a special value to prayer at the Western Wall, as G-d’s presence never leaves this site. Thus, the prayers “go straight up”, so to speak. Throughout history people from all over have flocked to this site to pray, and still do, at all hours of the clock. In fact, you’re welcome to come pray there yourself!

 No. Why not?

1. Since G-d does only what is good for us. 

Sometimes we want something, but in the big eternal picture is not the best for us.

2. Sometimes, G-d wants us to pray more and more, in order to build a strong relationship with Him. 

Therefore, sometimes G-d’s decree is that only after praying x number of prayers, will they be answered.

Our delegate spends precious time to go to the Western Wall each and every day and to pray for the numerous people who have signed up. This is a time-consuming task!  You are paying for his TIME. Also, although this is not considered charity, know that your money is supporting a pious individual– one who prays each day at the Western Wall!

No. Although you will receive an official receipt, your payment will not be tax deductible.