About Kotel Prayers

Who will be praying for me?

Kotel Prayers is made up of orthodox Jews living in close proximity to the Western Wall, who come to pray there every single day. After all, if you live so close to the holiest place on earth, it would be a lack of respect to not come pray there as often as possible! But these lucky people who live so close- don’t forget that not everyone is so lucky…

That’s what made them found the Kotel Prayers website.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to offer people from around the world the opportunity they would not otherwise have. We recite prayers for all those people who want a chance to pray at the Western Wall.

In other words, we act as delegates of all those people who have registered on this website- to pray to G-d on their behalf, at the Western Wall.

What Prayers Do We Pray?

We recite the book of Psalms on your behalf and in memory of family members of those who signed up. We also insert people’s notes in the crevices between the Western Wall’s stones.