Pray for Me at the Western Wall

You really want to come to Israel.
You really want to pray to G-d at the Western Wall. But, you really can’t right now…

The Talmud promises that G-d's presence will never abandon this site

Appoint a native Jerusalemite to pray right there-for YOU.
Choose a one-day prayer option, a monthly or even yearly option- someone will pray for you every single day.
Have someone recite the entire book of psalms on your behalf, or have a personal prayer be inserted into the crevices of the Western Wall stones.

Connect to the power of prayer
at the holiest place in the universe

Select a prayer option:

Pray the Entire Year

A native orthodox Jew will pray for you at the Western Wall, every day of the year.

Special Significance: 40 Days

A Tried-and-True Prayer Period
Use the ancient method of Moses at Sinai: A native orthodox Jew will pray for you at the Western Wall,  for 40 consecutive days

The Entire Book of Psalms

A native orthodox Jew will complete all of Psalms on your behalf, at the Western Wall.

A Note in the Wall

A native orthodox Jew will place your prayer note between the Wall’s stones.

Contact us if you have any further questions

Please Note: G-d's "answer" can be either 'yes', 'the request is not in your best interest', or 'I want you to build a stronger connection with Me though prayer first' to your request. We cannot guarantee that G-d's "answer" will be 'yes'…